who we are

L'anima nostra è una città
Torquato Tasso

Luca Bertoldi
scientific committee
Artist, he deals with space and environment. He graduated from  Trento University in Engineering and Architecture, and he also attended Universität der Kunst in Berlin.

Giusi Campisi
scientific committee
Artist, she projects and realises cultural initiatives. She graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Brera (Milan) in Scenography and founded the group Souzie Wong Project, starting a series of collaborations with artists and with whoever  wanted to be part of it. All the collaborators were involved in the artistic process, from the bare project to the material production of the different initiatives and works.

Cristina Del Rì
she studied Archeological heritage conservation at the Römisch Germanisches Zentralmuseum in Mainz and, since 1990, she is restorer for the Archeological office of the autonomous area of Trento. 

Layla Betti
Curator and independent researcher
she graduated in Humanities with an art-oriented thesis, then she took a Master degree in Organisation of events and exhibitions for the Contemporary Art at the IED, in Rome. She is now a researcher for the city museums and a board member of the ICOM (International Commitee for the Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities). At the moment she is working specifically for the MAG- Museo Alto Garda.

Carlo Maiolini
Curator assistant
he graduated in Biology with an experimental thesis with neuro-social implications, then got a Master degree in Environmental Communication from Pisa University. Since 2006 he is in collaboration with the MUSE (Natural Science museum in Trento) and he is focusing in particular on new applied technologies and communication in science.

Gianluca Manzana
Image responsible
graphic designer graduated from the Liberal Università in Bolzano.

Matthias Gutsch
Web responsible
he's a web designer, graduated in 2003 from the Design and Graphical studies Academy in Berlin and Frankfurt/Oder. After the university studies, he collaborated with different advertisement agencies in Germany, Poland and Italy. He has developed his interest in the historical/cultural field throughout his experience as a web designer.

Luca Melchionna
freelance journalist, h works as a consultant in institutional communication not only for the MART museum in Rovereto, the Museion in Bolzano and the Fitzcarraldo Foundation, but also for individual artists and performers. He is also the director of TAR Magazine and writes on his own blog, lucamelchionna.com. What he likes best of Wunderkammer is the unconventional idea of "collection", intended as something that can go beyond the traditional meaning of museum exhibition.

Cristina Mattiucci
as an architect, she has been working for ten years in the field of research, both academic and independent, in an international context. The themes in which she is interested deal mostly with the different aspects of Public places use, from a physical/spatial and geographical point of view.

Sabina Barcucci
Special projects responsible
she's an architect interested in the value of production, project and communication in the contemporary society. In Wunderkammer she is a troublemaker: she wishes to realise meaningful steps towards urban digitalisation by the use of taxonomy and post-digital archives of online and offline memories. She is also part of the FabLab project at the MUSE since 2012.

Arianna Cavalieri
Info Point

Eva Serpelloni and Clizia Pederzolli
Museum collaborators from Trento University, Department of Humanities.

Pierluigi Cattani Faggion
after a degree in Political Economics, he attended a Master course of Photojournalism at the Contrasto Agency in Milan. He deals with documentary photography, architecture photography and cultural events. He also offers his collaboration to different institutions (museums, theatre groups etc) and to individual artists.