Who are we


The Volontarius  Association has strong views about a person’s value. Each person is important because they exist. No matter who he or she is, what he or she’s doing or comes from. It’s a routine exercise that we demand of ourselves each day, during our lives, and which we propose to everyone we meet.
Volontarius was born in 1999 with the intention of supporting anyone who struggles with life so that we become ‘fellow travellers’ who listen, match our pace to theirs, and give a voice to those who don’t have one. We work through street services (the homeless, victims of prostitution), reception facilities (minors, foreigners, refugees, the homeless), art projects, social first aid 24-hours-a-day, education in social unity and citizenship awareness (with projects in schools), and local and international voluntary organizations.  

Volontarius believes in this project, because it considers that a constant dialogue between generations is essential for the growth both of each person and of the whole community.


PianoB is a social cooperative in Bolzano that engages in projects aimed at supporting the relationships between people through art, which is an established therapy in social work. Preferred projects are those that are able to give a direct voice to all eyewitnesses and their evidence. Photography, Audio-visual projects, Music, Theatre, and Art are some of the means used by PianoB to present new meeting points between cultures and generations.  

It strongly believes in ZeitRoom – the young virtual museum, because the cooperative is convinced that art and personal statements, if combined, can actually lead to us thinking about past and present history with a new awareness.

Municipality of Bolzano

The Office for the Family, Women and Young People in the municipality of Bolzano is responsible for putting young people and their talents to the fore, and for promoting the fundamental values of Democracy and Freedom, as values to be protected and fostered. It is everyone’s duty and responsibility, young people included, to cultivate Memory so that knowledge of our past can guide our actions and can be a lesson for future generations.

This Office strongly believes in this project and supports all those who participate, are committed, compare themselves with the witnesses and past's testament, develop projects and make them communal heritage, proving to be “active citizens”.  

The History Archive of the City of Bolzano

The History Archive of the City of Bolzano, through the project ‘History and Memory: the Bolzano concentration camp’, research and communicate sources and information about the memories of the deportation camp at Bolzano. The commitment not to forget has grown from 1995 to the present, especially through the recording of video-interviews with ex-deportees, the recognition and value of the places in the city involved in the events and the constant work in schools. All this has provided a basis for this history being widely known throughout the region/province [territory non va bene qui], creating awareness of part of our roots, the same roots that allow us to think about the future of the whole community.  

The Archive believes in ZeitRoom - giovane museo virtuale because the artistic result is self-expression and, at the same time, a new version of the knowledge that has been acquired, as well as being a powerful means of communication.