Virtual Museum

What is ZeitRoom – young virtual museum?

It’s a virtual collection and a space shared by art and creative teaching projects about the historical memory of the Bolzano area, made by young people of any nationality and citizenships from 0 to 35 years old.

It’s a research centre which promotes opportunities to meet and compare between the cultures and ages in everyday life.

It’s a collection inside the virtual spaces Zeit Art and Zeit Dida, areas dedicated respectively to contemporary art and creative teaching, which aim to increase historical awareness.

It’s a constantly updated area which ask questions, promotes curiosity, encourages discovery and leverages creativity and freedom.

It’s a system of cultural enlightenment which encourages young people to bring about tangible historical projects and offers recognition to all those who undertake to improve through art the place we live in. 

It’s a dynamic environment which makes material available in the form of different resource to better understand the reality of the place through the Bolzano City Archives.

It’s a welcoming space which offers analytical and psychological tools to reflect on themselves and reap benefits in the present.

It’s an opportunity to discover events that are both familiar and unfamiliar, the place and people of Bolzano, to think and feel with emotions and sentiments the significance of events.

It’s an occasion for awareness of existing in a given place by relating their own ideas and their personality with external reality.