ZeitRoom – the young virtual museum was founded in 2015 and from 20 January, 2017 began its journey.  

The strenghts of Zeitroom – the young virtual museum are:  

Collaboration between experts in art, history, psychology, active citizenship and community development, according to a balanced professional collaboration;
Construction of a shared identity created from the union of concrete actions – artistic and educational projects – produced by young people of any nationality and citizenship;
Transformation of local memory from personal thought to tangible work through the ideas of children and young people.  

ZeitRoom – the young virtual museum is an exportable format which aims to create a network of twin activities, active in different  national and international areas.

All the following sections of ZeitRoom – the young virtual museum are covered by proprietary copyright: ZEIT FORM (section devoted to different forms of art); ZEIT DIDA (educational and creative section devoted to schools, youth centers and associations); WORKSHOP OF ARTIST (workshop section); PROTAGONISTS (biographical and meta-reflectional section); INTERVIEWS (section of dialogue between peers); HISTORICAL SOURCES (promotional research section); MAP (guide to the area through works and projects); WEB SITE (web mastering and design); historical and creative contents.  

If there is interest in creating a professional relationship related to the format of ZeitRoom – the young virtual museum, please contact us through section "contacts".

For the benefits of ZeitRoom please look at Virtual Museum section.